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Joana Pereira Dias

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Main Practice Areas Corporate

Companies and Civil Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

Finance & Banking

Corporate Finance

International Contracts and Securities

Joana Pereira Dias is the Head of Capital Markets and focuses her professional activity in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law (Corporate Governance, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships), Finance and Baking Law (Financial Derivatives, Securitization of Credits and Covered Bonds), Capital Markets (Issuing of Hybrid Instruments and other Securities, Public Offers of Distribution and Acquisition) and Contracts in General.

Joana Pereira Dias joined CTSU – Sociedade de Advogados in July, 2016.

She has a large experience in Financial Law, and provides legal assistance in banking and financial transactions (credit facilities, debt issues and derivatives), including the design and setting of structuring and financing transactions with national and international credit institutions, as well as the design and conception of innovative issues in Portugal, in particular, convertible and exchangeable bonds issues, hybrid securities instruments issues, including different kinds of debt issues, namely medium term notes issues, for credit institutions and companies on the telecommunication and electricity sectors, having also participated in important privatization processes in the banking and highway concessions sectors, as well as in several capital markets transactions, including public offers of distribution and acquisition.

Joana Pereira Dias has also been focused in providing advice about the provision of banking services within the framework of the European Union, in rendering legal advice to the board of directors and to the corporate functions of credit institutions, as well as in the review and adjustment of Schedules to ISDA Master Agreements for companies operating in the telecommunication and energy sectors, as well as for credit institutions.

She also renders regularly legal advice to national and international leading corporations in the area of Commercial and Companies Law, namely, being involved in the structuring of international partnerships and monitoring of major transactions in different corporate and capital markets aspects involving different legal jurisdictions. She also has experience in the pension funds area.

Joana Pereira Dias is also involved in providing legal opinions, memoranda and information notes on several fields of Law, covering such areas as Obligations, Contracts, Company Law, Banking and Financial Law, Comparative Law and Securities Law.

Other Experience

Joana Pereira Dias is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, where she is an Assistant Professor since 1998 (subjects in the areas of Obligations, Contracts, Banking and Commercial and Corporate Law.).

Speaker and frequent Guest Lecturer at conferences, Seminars and Post-Graduation Courses in the areas of Banking, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance, Contracts and Commercial Law. She was also a Guest Lecturer in the Statutory Auditors Institute.

Between 2005 and 2006, Joana Pereira Dias integrated the Cabinet of the Minister of Public Works, Transports and Communications of the XVI Portuguese Constitutional Government, as deputy for legal affairs and legal advice.

Joana Pereira Dias is a founding member of the Private Law Center of Investigation (“Centro de Investigação de Direito Privado”), Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, Executive Coordinator and Lecturer of Guarantees Law Seminar (“Jornadas de Direito das Garantias”), organized by the Private Law Center of Investigation (“Centro de Investigação de Direito Privado”), and is also involved in the project of the Lissaboner Kommentar and in particular, in the commentary to the Portuguese Companies.

She is also a Lecturer in several advanced Post-Graduation Courses in Banking Law, Corporate Finance e Corporate Governance, as well as Corporate Law and Banking and Consumer Law.

Professional Associations / Published Works

Member of the Portuguese Bar Association since December, 2000.

Author of various publications in specialised legal magazines and books on contracts, guarantees, securities and banking law, including - “Modelos de Rotatividade criados pela Praxis Bancária: Breve Excurso pelas Soluções Conferidas em Sistemas Jurídicos Estrangeiros”, in Estudos em Homenagem a Miguel Galvão Teles, II Volume, Coimbra, Almedina, 2012, pp. 509-539; Anotação aos artigos 141.º a 165.º do Código das Sociedades Comerciais, Código das Sociedades Comerciais Anotado (coordenação de António Menezes Cordeiro, Coimbra, Almedina, 2009, e 2.ª ed., 2011; “Civil Liability Insurance Contracts for Directors under Portuguese Companies Code”, in - International Law Center - 2008-11, Lexisnexis Group, in co-authorship with Luísa Soares da Silva and Joana Galvão Teles; “Defined Contribution Plans and the Need to Pursue Risk Sharing Solutions”, in MLGTS Newsletter, Tri-Annual Bulletin, April 2008; “Portuguese Insurance Market: Regulatory Environment”, in, Complinet, Connected Compliance, England; “Contributo para o Estudo do Actual Paradigma das Cláusulas de Garantia e/ou Segurança: a Pari Passu, a Negative Pledge e a Cross Default” (in Estudos em Homenagem ao Professor Inocêncio Galvão Telles, IV Volume, Coimbra, Almedina, 2003, pp. 879-1029.).


Joana Pereira Dias develops her professional activity mainly in the areas of Corporate, Companies and Civil Law, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance & Banking, Corporate Finance, International Contracts and Securities law and Capital Markets.


Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish

Joana Pereira Dias