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Bank of Portugal’s calendar for adapting APIs developed for payment initiation and account information services

Tax measures to support micro, small and medium-sized companies (“PME”)

New Notice and Instruction from Bank of Portugal regarding internal governance and control

Decree-Law no. 46-A/2020 - Extraordinary support for progressive recovery of activity

Summary of recent legal amendments to some of the exceptional and temporary legal measures approved under Covid 19 pandemic 

Decree no. 170-A/2020 - Setting the procedures, conditions and terms for the grant of the extraordinary incentive for the normalization of business activity

Amendment to exceptional measures for credit protection and State-granted guarantees

Provides exceptional and temporary measures to protect employment

Social and Economic Stabilization Program (PEES)

Law no. 16/2020, of May 29th

Modification of the exceptional and temporary measures of response to the pandemic situation of the disease COVID-19, amending for the fourth time Law no. 1-A/2020, of March 19th, for the first time, Law no. 9/2020, of April 10th, and, for the twelfth time, Decree-Law, no. 10-A/2020, of March 13th

Law No. 17/2020, of May 29th, proceeds to the first amendment of the exceptional regime for the situations of late payment of rent due under residential and non-residential urban lease agreements, in relation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

System of safety incentives for micro, small and medium sized enterprises, in the context of the COVID-19 disease

Exceptional measures for social protection within COVID 19 pandemic

Exceptional and temporary regime for commercial practices with price reduction

Exceptional and temporary regime applicable to long-term agreements in which the State or other public entity are parties, within the scope of the pandemic COVID-19 disease

Exceptional and temporary measures, taking into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic

Situation of Calamity

Maximum passenger limit for air transport

EBA Guidelines on legislative and non-legislative moratoria on loan repayments applied in the light of the COVID-19 crisis

Exceptional and temporary legal measures regarding tourism under the pandemic of COVID-19

Exceptional and temporary regime regarding the formalities of postal notification under the pandemic of COVID-19

EBA statement on dividends distribution, share buybacks and variable remuneration

Regulation of the procedures concerning the attribution of the support measures and social benefits under the crisis related to the “COVID-19 crisis”.

Exceptional and temporary rules for the execution of acts by means of distance communications in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic.

Manufacture, import, placing and provision, on the national market, of
medical devices and for individual protective equipment

Capital Markets: Information for issuers of securities and investors in listed companies

Tax Residence and Compulsory Confinement


Exceptional and temporary legal measures to COVID-19 pandemic (amendments added by Decree-Law no. 12-A/2020, of April 6, to the Decree Law no. 10-A/2020, of March 13)


Amendments and updates on legal deadlines and proceedings, protection of tenants and public procurement measures

Regulation of the Exceptional Support Program to the Residential Lease

Ordinance no. 91/2020, of April 14th, defines the terms in which the loss of income is demonstrated, regarding the application of the exceptional regime foreseen by Law 4-C/2020, of April 6th, to the situations of inability to pay the residential rents due from April 1st, 2020, until the month following the end of the state of emergency.

Flexibilization of the rents due under lease agreements

Employee Mobility in the context of the ”COVID-19 crisis”

Compliance with Tax Obligations and Social Contributions

Labour Measures in support of Businesses and Employees

Decree Law no. 10-G/2020, which provides exceptional and temporary
measures to protect employment

Exceptional and temporary regime of justified absences to provide family support, within the scope of the pandemic COVID-19 disease

Exceptional measures to protect the credits of families, companies, private institutions of social solidarity and other entities of the social economy, as well as a special regime of personal guarantees by the State, within COVID-19 pandemic.

Exceptional and temporary measures to encourage the acceptance of card-based payments in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Impact on commercial contracts

State Aid for SMEs and Mid-caps


Measures adopted under the scope of the State of Emergency extension (amendment)

Emergency State: implementation legal measures

State of Emergency

Tax and Financial Measures to Support Companies and Workers

Support Guidelines for Companies



State Budget for 2020 - Relevant tax changes



Taxation of capital gains from the transfer of real estate located in Portugal by a resident of a Member State of the European Union

Amendments to the Labour Code and to the Code of Contributory Regimes of the Social Security System

Under the prevention and action against money laundering and terrorist financing, it was published the Regulation No. 276/2019, of the Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, I.P. (“Regulation”).

New framework for the exercise of duties by political office and high public office holders, their respective declarative duties and sanctions in case of non-compliance

Administrative offenses imposed by the Portuguese Supervisory Authority on Data Protection (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados) in 2019

Data Protection Law

Reporting Obligation: Legal Regime of the Central Register of the Beneficial Owner (“CRBO”).

Reporting Obligation: Legal Regime of the Central Register of the Beneficial Owner (“CRBO”).

Draft Law no. 138/XIII: Transposition of the Insurance Distribution Directive.

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Portuguese State Budget Law for 2018 – Amendments to the rules of the Simplified Regime

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