Ministerial Order Establishes the map of managers, technical and administrative support personnel of MENAC

Ministerial Order nº. 292-A/2022, of December 9

In March 2021, the Government approved the final version of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2020-2024 ("ENAC"), pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 37/2021, published on 6 April.

In the framework of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, Decree-Law No. 109-E/2021 of 9 December was published, creating the National Anti-Corruption Mechanism, hereinafter "MENAC" and establishing the General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption ("RGPC").

MENAC assumes the nature of an independent administrative entity, with legal personality of public law and authority powers, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy.

MENAC's mission is to promote transparency and integrity in public action and to ensure the effectiveness of policies to prevent corruption and related infractions.

The Ministerial Order 164/2022 of 23 June, hereinafter "the Ministerial Order", regulates the terms of MENAC's installation, to ensure that the necessary conditions are in place for it to carry out its mission.

In view of its nature as a public legal person, the mission, attributions, and competences of MENAC, and once its installation has begun, it was only necessary to provide for the human resources necessary for its effective functioning.

With the publication of the Ministerial Order, the map of managers, technical and administrative support personnel of MENAC is fixed, a milestone that implements the definitive installation of MENAC.

With the definitive installation of the MENAC, the preventive framework aimed by Decree-Law 109-E/2021, of 9 December is materialized, and Law 54/2008, of 4 September, which created the Council for the Prevention of Corruption ("CPC"), is revoked.

To access to the entire wording of Ministerial Order no. 292-A/2022, of 9 December: Portaria n.º 292-A/2022 | DRE

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