Council of Ministers Resolution no. 92-A/2020 – Teleworking

Legal Alert no. 131

Council of Ministers Resolution no. 92-A/2020, of November 2, 2020 was published, establishing that from 4 November, in the 121 municipalities identified by the government as being at risk and which should be subject to special measures, teleworking will again be mandatory, in the legal terms.

In the remaining municipalities of the country, teleworking is mandatory when requested by the employee, regardless of the employment relationship and whenever the employee’s functions allow it, in the following situations:

• The employee, by means of a medical statement, is covered by the exceptional scheme for immuno-depressed and chronical ill people;

• The disabled employee, with a degree of disability of 60 % or more;

• An employee with a dependent child or other dependent who is under 12 years old, or, irrespective of age, with a child with a disability or chronic illness, who, according to the guidelines of the health authority, is considered to be at risk and is unable to attend school activities;

• When the physical spaces and the organisation of the work do not allow compliance with the guidelines of DGS and Portuguese Authority for Labour Conditions on the matter, to the strict extent necessary.

To access the full text of the Council of Ministers Resolution no. 92-A/2020, of 2 November 2020 click here.

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