Order No. 3863-B/2020 of 27 March– Processes pending before SEF

On March 27th 2020, it was published in the Portuguese Official Gazette, Order no. 3863-B/2020, which establishes the management of the services and appointments of all foreign citizens with pending cases at the Foreigners and Borders Service, within the scope of COVID 19

The Foreigners and Borders Service ("SEF") has regularised, through this Order, the situation of stay of all citizens who have applied for a residence permit and for the renewal of a residence permit. These citizens will be able to make proof of their regular situation before the Portuguese services by presenting the receipt proving that the application was made.

Citizens who are waiting for an appointment with the purpose of being granted a residence permit and the renewal of a residence permit will also have their situation regularised, and will be able to make proof of this situation, before the Portuguese services, by presenting a receipt that can prove their appointment.

Scheduling shall continue to be allowed for cases considered urgent, in particular for citizens who can demonstrate the urgent and unavoidable need to be absent from the national territory or citizens from whom documents have been stolen or lost.

Regarding all the other appointments, the services foreseen in the Automatic Pre-Appointment System (SAPA), for the cases of requests for expressions of interest, on the ARI Portal, for the cases of requests for granting and renewal of residence permits for investment activity and on the SEF website and Telephone Contact Centre, for applications for the granting and renewal of residence permits, shall be suspended and all appointments that were scheduled up to March 27th 2020, shall be postponed as from July 1st 2020, en bloc by chronological order.

This order shall enter into force on 27th March 2020.

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