Relationships with worker representative bodies

Regular and open dialogue with worker representative bodies is important to ensure the smooth operation of a business.  When organizations need to make changes impacting current working conditions and the individual or collective status of company employees, it is important to have accurate knowledge of the rights and obligations of both the organization and its employees.  CTSU works with businesses on issues relating to:

  • Worker representation ― setting up of the workers representative bodies, collective negotiation, management of the worker representatives and trade unions, understanding of rights and obligations.
  • Collective bargaining ― establishing and negotiating agreements;
  • Strategic changes impacting employees ― guidance and advice on how businesses can approach strategic change on a national and international level;
  • Health and safety regulatory matters.

CTSU with Deloitte Legal practice's lawyers help companies to understand their obligations in various countries in which they operate and to proactively manage interactions with worker representative bodies.

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