Pensions and benefits

Attracting and retaining top talent is high on the agenda of most companies. In addition to competitive remuneration packages, successful businesses augment employee compensation with benefits packages that include one or more of the following:  pensions, stock option plans, health and wellness benefits. Over the past twenty years the regulations relating to pensions and other benefit programs have steadily increased and become more technical in nature. CTSU helps businesses namely, but not limited to, with:  

  • Remuneration — design and development of compensation schemes;
  • Pensions  — establish, operate, merge, restructure and unwind programs;
  • Benefits — package development including health insurance, maternity, long-term care;
  • Employee profit-sharing — create and administer programs;
  • Employee savings plan — design and develop programs;
  • Issues arising when entities are merged, acquired or restructured.

CTSU legally assists businesses with the strategic design of programs and guidance on mandatory procedures as well as drafting legal documentation.  We work with companies to legally assist them to attract and retain top talent through well-managed, cost-effective pension and benefits programs.

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