Mobility and immigration

For companies with global operations, employee mobility is often a key component of their strategic plans. Businesses need to organize and coordinate international transfers of employees, including material needs, remuneration and legal matters, faster and in a cost-effective manner. CTSU legally assists businesses, namely but not limited to, with:

  • Design of international mobility policies;
  • Drafting of international work agreement and assignment letters;
  • Advice on social security coverage;
  • Design of expatriate employee remuneration;
  • Issues related to repatriation and termination of assignments;
  • Immigration law:
    • Relocation of employees;
    • Hiring foreign employees including assistance in obtaining visas, work permits, entry clearances, residence requirements and citizenship and acquisition of nationality;
    • Representation before local immigration authorities.

CTSU and lawyers of Deloitte Legal practice stand apart in the global mobility area in terms of capabilities and worldwide reach.

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