Data Protection

CTSU’s data protection team  provides legal assistance in several issues related to data protection including namely the following:

  • Gap analysis and implementation of tailored-made compliance programs;
  • Legal advice on business development and launching of new technologies, products, services and/or platforms;
  • Evaluation of technical and technological solutions, from a data protection and cybersecurity point of view, including cloud computing and geolocation;
  • Negotiation of procurement procedures and definition of public policies regarding privacy, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure;
  • Implementation of whistleblowing, hotline procedures and due diligence procedures;
  • Analysis and evaluation of Customer Relationship Management projects, marketing campaigns and client fidelity programs;
  • Legal advice on international data transfer projects;
  • Definition of rules and proceedings concerning data management in human resources, recruitment and healthcare services in the workplace;
  • Definition of internal policies concerning processing of personal data and data retention;
  • Drafting contracts and specific clauses relating to data processing, definition of responsibilities and compliance, among others;
  • Legal advice on drafting of legislation regarding data protection and transposition of European directives;
  • Prevention plans and procedures manuals in case of incident/cyberattack;
  • Legal advice in replying response to an incident/cyberattack (breach response), including cybercrime.
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