CTSU provides a full range of corporate law services, from complex advisory services related to major corporate and business life events (including advising in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions processes) through to general corporate secretarial services or to the regular legal assistance on the day-to-day ongoing business activity of the client. CTSU legally advises both national and international companies and groups.

We assist our clients in Corporate law issues namely, but not limited to, with the following legal assistance:

  • Assets sale and purchase agreements - Drafting, Advisory and Negotiations;
  • Merger or demerger operations - Drafting, Advisory and Negotiations;
  • Post merge legal assistance;
  • Corporate reorganizations; corporate amendments to the articles of association; increase or decrease of the share capital; transfer of quotas or sale of shares - Drafting, Advisory and Negotiations;
  • Incorporation of company or set up of branch - Drafting, Advisory and Negotiations;
  • Dissolution and winding up of the company;
  • Shareholders Agreements - Drafting, Advisory and Negotiations;
  • Assistance in fulfilling legal and statutory compliance;
  • Corporate Secretarial Services, including drafting of minutes of the Shareholder’s Meetings or Board’s Meetings, powers of attorney, representation letters, commercial registration;
  • Legal opinion regarding any corporate matters, including those related to the company’s corporate structure, management, corporate bodies or corporate acts.
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