Competition and Anti-Trust

As member of the Deloitte Legal network, CTSU has access to the global reach and cross border experience and is well suited in advising companies on international trade matters, competition law trends and international best practices in the field.

Compliance & regulatory

  • Distribution agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements, vertical and horizontal restraints and other types of cooperation agreements;
  • Abuse of dominant position;
  • Application of leniency regulations.

Economic concentrations

  • Analysis of specific transactions that might trigger the obligation to notify the Competition Council or the European Commission;
  • Drafting the notification form and submission of the notification file with the Competition Authority;
  • Assistance during the entire process of analysis performed by the Competition Authority, by offering explanations, submitting supplementary documents as well as, offering a bigger picture and a better understanding of the analyzed case in a given economic and legal context;
  • Advise on ancillary restrictions necessary for implementing an economic concentration;
  • Derogations from the interdiction to put into effect an economic concentration before clearance.

CTSU legally assists companies under investigation by national and transnational authorities such as the European Commission and other governing bodies focused on trade restrictions, unfair competition and antitrust.

CTSU provides companies with legal guidance on pragmatic risk management strategies, compliance policies, crisis management and litigation exposure assessment

State Aid

  • General compliance requirements.

Competition Law Compliance Program

As per international best practices the most practical way for dealing with competition law issues is by putting in place compliance programs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you implement such a program to ensure effective prevention, the process of designing a competition compliance program involves the following steps:

  • Identify the risks attached to the specific case of the business;
  • Assess the various levels of risk within the company and, if possible, seek remedies;
  • Putting in place a competition law compliance manual;
  • Competition law compliance training at all relevant levels within the company.

Competition litigation

  • Assistance and representation in challenging the decisions issued by the Competition Council.
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