Joana Pereira Dias joins CTSU's team

CTSU announces that Joana Pereira Dias has joined the Law Firm. 

Joana Pereira Dias has a law degree from the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law (July, 1998). She is a PhD candidate at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Law, where she completed her Masters Degree with the highest grade (18/20) and lectures as an Assistant Professor in Corporate and Civil Law areas since November, 1998. Joana is a lawyer, member of the Portuguese Bar Association, since December 2000, with significant experience in several areas.

With this new acquisition, CTSU aims to strengthen, in particular, its areas of Corporate, Banking and Finance Law, taking one step further on its growth policy.

Since the beginning of her career Joana Pereira Dias has been actively involved in Banking and Finance Law, having developed great part of her work in transactions in the banking and financial sectors (credit facilities, debt issues and derivatives), including the implementation of innovative structures in Portugal, namely convertible bonds and hybrid securities, and participated as well in relevant privatisations processes involving Portuguese companies. More recently her activity has been focused in assisting national and international leading corporations, banks and insurance companies in the scope of important transactions. She has also experience in the pension funds area.

Joana Pereira Dias has authored legal opinions, memoranda and notes on several fields of Law, covering such areas as Civil Law, Contracts, Company law, Financial and BankingLaw, Comparative Law and Securities Law.

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