Legal alert no. 89

Draft Law no. 180/XIII – Amendment to the Tax Arbitration Legal Regime

On January 24th 2019, it was reviewed and approved by the Council of Ministers the Draft Law no. 180/XIII, that proposed an amendment to the Tax Arbitration Legal Regime.

The abovementioned Draft Law provides an addition to article 25 of the Tax Arbitration Legal Regime, by introducing a new possibility to appeal an arbitral decision before the Administrative Supreme Court.

If the Draft Law is approved, it will be possible to appeal to the Administrative Supreme Court when an arbitral decision is in opposition with regard to the same point of law with another arbitral decision.

If approved, the Draft Law no. 180/XIII will only enter into force on July 1st 2019.

To access the full version of the Draft Law no. 180/XIII, please click here

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