Joana Pereira Dias participates as invited lecturer at the II Post-Graduate Programme in Insurance Law on “Credit Default Swaps and Insurance Contract”

Joana Pereira Dias participated as invited lecturer in the II Post-Graduated Programme in Insurance Law hosted by the Private Law Research Center of the Law School of the University of Lisbon.

The participation and the classes were included in the module of “Financial Insurances” and took place 3rd of April, 2020, 18:30, through telematic means specifically made available to that effect by the Private Law Research Center of the Law School, within the actual pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 virus. The classes were dedicated to the “Credit Default Sawps and the Insurance Contracts” and gave raise to an active involvement and questions from all the participants within the current context and situation of the financial markets.

The perspective of the course is marked by a strong concern to meet the real needs of the jurists working in this area, presenting an innovative programme, which is permanently adjusted to the hot topics of the Insurance Law. The programme is addressed to lawyers, jurists working at insurance companies, at credit institutions, financial companies and supervision authorities, judges and other professionals who are familiar with the insurance and banking practice and who want to update and develop their knowledge.

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