Lisbon hosts the Global Deloitte Legal Leadership Conference

The third edition of the Global Deloitte Legal Leadership Conference held on October 3rd, 4th and 5th joined in Lisbon 210 lawyers from several countries members of Deloitte Legal Network.

During three days, the lawyers who attended to the conference, had the opportunity to analyse and to discuss important current issues and that are relevant across several countries, including new technologies and the future of this practice.

Distinguished guests from different countries participated in the Conference as speakers, highlighting in particular the participation as national speaker of the founder of the Pestana Group, Dionisio Pestana, a national entrepreneurship case internationally recognised as a successful case.

CTSU, member of Deloitte Legal Network, took part in the organization team of this prestigious event. The works were conducted by CTSU’s partner Sofia Carvalhosa acting as host of the Conference. Miguel Ribeiro Telles, managing partner of CTSU, was one of the speakers.

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