Restructuring business functions and outsourcing

Today's globalized economy has opened up new opportunities for businesses looking to find cost savings through progressive sourcing arrangements.  Centralization of business functions that take advantage of economies of scale, offshoring or outsourcing work to low cost providers and co-sourcing are common practices.

Our legal approach focuses on commercial objectives of the business.  We legally assist with Commercial Law clients to establish the flexible working relationships and effective contracts needed to be competitive in today's market. CTSU legally assist clients, mainly companies, at any stage of the lifecycle including namely, but not limited to, the following stages and events:

  • Negotiation and drafting of new contracts;
  • Re-evaluation and renegotiation of current outsourcing arrangements;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Development of a negotiation and litigation strategy;
  • Mediation, arbitration and court proceedings;
  • Real estate including acquisition, disposal and portfolio management.

The global real estate market is changing legal environment and our clients need experienced legal advisors who understand business strategy, and can provide practical and prudent advice for achieving commercial objectives.

CTSU advises clients, mainly companies, on the legal implications of business activity also in the real estate sector, including acquisitions, due diligence on real estate, negotiation of contracts and legally advising on related commercial matters. We also provide legal assistance with the tourism sector.

CTSU looks at strategic business objectives defined by client and provides practical legal guidance from multiple perspectives to assist the client to achieve its goals.

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